Living at ' BHAKTI '

In order to make ' BHAKTI ' ( Hostel ) her home, Each student must take care to abide by these codes.

  • Students are to wake up at 6.00 am.

  • Attending the morning and evening prayers are essential.

  • Attendance in the weekly satsang assembly is expected.

  • Heaters or any such electrical appliances will not be used in the room.

  • No student shall be allowed to go out of the campus without permission. If the student has gone out with permission then the student should return by the stipulated time.

  • No students shall go out of the hostel building after 8.00 pm.

  • Only family photographs can be displayed on students' study table.

  • Jewellery or gold ornaments will not be allowed, earrings, nose studs or bangles of other metals will be permitted.

  • Gauri vrat and other such fasts will be permitted. No special foods or snacks from home shall be allowed.

  • Phone calls shall be allowed once in a fortnight.

  • Incoming and outgoing phone calls will be allowed only from/and to persons mentioned in the admission form.

  • No students shall keep any money with them.

  • In the event of disobedience to the above rules, disciplinary action by the concerned authorities may be taken.

  • Packing List for Hostel : English Gujarati

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